Why Choose Us

Why a Fetterville Building?

For 40 years, Fetterville Sales has distinguished itself from its competitors by providing top-notch quality and service at a fair price. We know how important the “planning stage” is to constructing these types of buildings. That’s where our sales staff distance themselves from our competitors.


Our salespeople not only make the arrangements for you to buy a building, but they also assist you in the design process and see the job through till completion.


Each of these types of buildings takes on a life of their own and no two are alike. Each one reflects your personalized touch; combining affordability with a design custom-tailored to meet your needs. We’re looking forward to working, and creating, with you!




The Fetterville Difference

Below you will find some examples of features and benefits that make our process and product superior to that of our competition. These are all very important factors to consider in post-frame construction.

  • 35-year warranty against fade and chalk.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors have a maintenance-free composite jamb with a 25-year warranty.
  • Solid Steel at Gable ends for a much better overall appearance.
  • Optional 1/4″ Solex insulation and vapor barrier for roof and walls. Durable Construction and long-lasting toughness.
  • Optional Smart Post eliminates decay and rot & provides termite tested protection with a heavy-duty polyethylene boot coated on the inside with Bitumen. The heat-shrinking process liquefies the Bitumen into the wood. This feature provides superior resistance to wind uplift (patent pending).
  • Single Hung insulated windows.
  • Legendary Fetterville Service before and after the sale.
  • 2×4 side girts 2′ on center
  • 2×4 roof purlins 2′ on center
  • Pressure-treated post and skirt board. All wood treated at the ground line