Pole Buildings in West Virginia


West Virginia post-frame construction serves the state well, as the need for housing the state’s livestock is growing. Pole barns replaced time-consuming methods of building barns. Their swift construction and sturdy frames offer weatherproof shelter to chickens, hogs, turkeys, and cattle. Pole barn builders in West Virginia realize that their clients need reasonably priced products and prompt delivery, coupled with friendly service and representatives who know the locality. For instance, livestock handling equipment needs protection from the weather, too, and an open-sided structure offers easy entrance and exit to large machinery. Allow Fetterville Sales to show their expertise and why they have been in business since 1980.


Livestock needs hay as food and bedding, and West Virginia’s premier crop is hay. West Virginia pole building companies are kept busy constructing shelters for this precious crop, enabling it to dry and season into something that livestock can use. For example, your foremost crop is hay, but you also have land devoted to growing apples, corn, and soybeans. Each of these is liable to damage if left out in inclement weather after harvest and therefore need sturdy roofing.


Manufacturing applications are a specialty of Fetterville Sales. We’ll provide a price quote for your commercial pole building with double-hung, insulated windows, and the options of wainscoting, various roof styles, colors, and other customizations. You will not have to look further for any future pole barn builders than Fetterville Sales to fill your commercial needs.




Quality Post Frame Construction

The versatility of post-frame construction is highlighted by West Virginia’s growing tourism industry. Tourist attractions like campgrounds, picnic areas, or equestrian arenas can be protected with our pole buildings. Fetterville Sales works with any agency’s representative to provide quick quotes and thorough follow-up. Equestrian arenas in particular are our specialty, with customizable interiors, windows, and rooftop decor.


Garaging your vehicles has never been easier because Fetterville Sales offers our buildings’ completion in a matter of mere weeks. The doors and windows are customized to order and the garage size ranges from small sheds to generously sized shelters for your boats or RVs. Contact us today to get started!