Maryland Pole Barn Builders


For many years, pole buildings have been used throughout the beautiful state of Maryland. At Fetterville Sales, our pole barn builders in Maryland have been meeting your storage needs for over 35 years! Our Maryland pole barns are designed and built quickly, and they offer you convenience and economical cost. Fetterville Sales has decades of experience in pole barns, providing you with some of the best pole barns in Maryland.


Fetterville Sales offers many pole barn options including equestrian buildings, agricultural structures, commercial barns, and garages. When you have an idea of what you will need, Fetterville Sales invites you to examine the standard sizes we offer. Both our standard models and custom post-frame buildings in Maryland are available at affordable prices for landowners. Our hardworking pole structure builders are experts in creating custom environments for any use. Allow us to help you craft custom sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any project.




The Custom Maryland Pole Buildings Process

Fetterville Sales strives to make the post-frame construction process for your Maryland pole buildings as simple as possible. As soon as you have measured and dug out a plot of land a little bigger than the land needed for post-fame construction, we will be ready to get started. We will ship you all the materials you will need. In addition, we will dig the holes for the posts and reinforce them, and we will put the foundation poles in the ground. Finally, we will add your frame. We are very flexible when it comes to your frame needs. We can work with a wide range of styles, including a typical pole barn or even a woodworking shop. Our post frames include metal siding and any window and door treatments you may need.


We know that working with local officials has the potential to be a challenging part of the design process. To that end, we have many plans available that you can show to your county building inspector. While we don’t typically work on the engineering side of the process, we are happy to assemble plans for you if you want them.


Our goal is fast, quality work. The entire process can take mere weeks from start to finish. Additionally, post-frame construction, as part of the pole building plan, is unmatched in durability and longevity. We look forward to serving you here in Maryland and are available to help and answer questions at any time. Contact us to get started!