Pennsylvania Pole Barn Builders


In Pennsylvania, pole buildings have been a way of life for a few centuries. Quick to design and construct, they offer many advantages when it comes to cost and convenience.


Fetterville Sales has been designing and constructing pole barns, utility buildings, and other post-frame construction in PA since 1980– making us one of the most experienced building firms in the region for this style; we have the best pole buildings PA has to offer.


For you, the customer, the possibilities include equestrian, agricultural, and commercial buildings as well as garages. Once you have decided roughly what you want, we invite you to take a look at our standard sizes so that you can determine whether one of those configurations will meet your needs. If so, you will likely achieve cost savings over custom work. Of course, we are also a market leader at providing custom shapes and sizes to meet every contract.




Post Frame Construction in PA

The pole barn construction process is fairly straightforward. Once you have measured out and cleared a space that is slightly larger than we will need to construct upon, we will ship the materials out, dig the post holes and reinforce them, and then set the poles in the ground for the foundation. After that, whether you are building pole barns Pennsylvania style or an exterior shop for woodworking, we will add the frame that you desire and cover it with metal siding and whatever door and window treatments that you specify.


The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of weeks and we offer a variety of plans that we will send you to aid with your design for your county building inspector. Keep in mind that we avoid the engineering portion of the building process unless you are interested in having us put together plans that can be used for that purpose.


Post-frame construction is one of the most cost-efficient ways of putting up a building in Pennsylvania that will last for a very long time and serve as a utility or workspace for your needs. We serve the entire state of Pennsylvania and are always happy to answer any questions about the particular terrain that you would like to build on. Contact us today to get started!