The Process

Pole Building Construction Process

1. Material Delivery
semi-truck towing wooden gables

We come to you! Fetterville Sales owns and operates our own trucks for construction & building material deliveries. All of your post frame materials are delivered directly to your property, unloaded, and set up neatly in the location you intend to build.

2. Drilling Post Holes
skid loader drilling into the ground

Fetterville Sales uses only the best earth augers for our post hole digging so that you achieve maximum results. We do our research to ensure that we meet or exceed your local code requirements for post hole drilling to increase the longevity of your pole building structure.

3. Erecting Posts
foundation posts for new pole building

Post-frame structures are the most swiftly erected buildings due to the large posts that enable them to handle greater loads. Fetterville Sales offers several options for post materials like solid sawn posts or laminated columns that provide the durability you’d expect from professional post-frame builders like us.

4. Structural Framing
post frame foundation fro new building

Our interlocking frame saves both building time and material cost because it allows us to use less structural materials and it too helps by transferring loads to the ground below. Once the framing and trusswork are installed you will really begin to see your pole building take shape.

5. Applying Exterior Materials
blue metal barn in the process of being built

Many exterior façades can be applied to pole buildings so there is always something to match your taste and overall style. The steel siding and metal roofing we like to use is designed for maximum durability and contains fewer seams than many of our competitors’ post-frame building designs. Contact us today!

6. Finishing Your Pole Building
new metal barn

Once we put the finishing touches on your building you will fall in love with your new post frame structure. It is now ready to provide you with decades of worry-free service for all of your commercial, agricultural, equestrian, and garage storage needs. Contact us now to get started!