Custom-Built Agricultural Sheds & Farm Buildings

Whether your agricultural post-frame building is used for machinery, animals, or grain, our structures are built for maximum longevity and durability. Fetterville Sales primarily offers 29 gauge painted steel for roofing and siding. With fewer seams than many competitors’ designs, our pole barns and agricultural storage buildings also exclusively feature one solid sheet of steel on the gable ends of our buildings, for a strong, yet attractive look.

Agricultural Projects

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Custom Farm Buildings for Sale

If you’re housing animals or storing organic materials, our optional insulation packages will prevent condensation and provide a clean, comfortable environment within your structure. We can add concrete floors and pads, various ventilation features, and other options for an affordable yet customized farm building design that is tailored to meet your specific needs. No matter what your vision is, we can create a custom horse barn or farm shed to complement your style.


We offer extremely competitive pricing, professional sales, installation, and unsurpassed quality service in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Deleware, New Jersey, and surrounding states. Thanks for your interest in Fetterville Sales. We look forward to serving you! Contact us today!