Horse Barns

Spacious Equestrian Barns for Horses

With so much experience constructing thousands of post-frame buildings, Fetterville Sales can design a custom horse barn to fit your specific needs, from a simple run-in shed to an elaborate riding arena. We can customize the look of your horse barn with an optional door, roof, and window styles. Our sturdy construction with pressure-treated post and skirt board and all wood treated at the ground line resists rot and insect damage. You can also order our optional, patent-pending Smart Post which provides superior resistance to wind uplift. And what’s a horse barn without horse stalls? We offer a wide variety of horse stall packages, plus wash, tack, and feed stalls. Whether you’re boarding one horse or ten, we can provide the premium structure to comfortably fit them all! Our Pennsylvania pole barn builders travel throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to construct equestrian barns for landowners.

Horse Barn Projects

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At Fetterville Sales, we understand the importance of getting exactly what you want! That is why we offer complete customization when it comes to your pole barn horse barn. Our PA pole barn builders can add any of a number of optional features like dormers, a cupola, or wainscoting to make the look of your custom horse barn. Our professional horse barn builders start with a firm foundation and the peace of mind that comes with our timely pole building process, fiberglass doors, optional insulation, and energy-efficient, single hung and sliding windows. The outcome is a pole building horse barn that’s strong, comfortable, and attractive. If you’re looking for some of the best pole shed contractors and barn builders in MD, don’t hesitate to contact Fetterville Sales!

Affordable Equestrian Barns From PA

You work hard for your money; don’t throw it away on a horse barn that won’t last! Both our standard and custom pole horse barns are built strong with a long-lasting guarantee. The greatest thing about a pole building horse barn is that it is a simple one-time cost for a storage structure that can last a lifetime — property owners agree that having a pole barn in Maryland, New Jersey, and surrounding states is an important part of outdoor storage. We would love to custom create a post frame horse barn that respects your budget and highlights your unique style, so contact us today!