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We love working with local small business owners!  Here’s a beautifully simple yet highly effective pole barn.  The 40′ x 60′ size is probably the most popular for a medium sized building.  With 2400 sq/ft of space, there’s plenty of ways to fully utilize the floor space.  The two 10′ x 10′ garage doors placed on the front gable end of the building provide easy access to the entire 60′ length.  The smaller 9′ wide and 8′ high garage door in the back eave wall provide another outlet to the rear of the building.  The 4′ high wainscoting gives the building character even though it lacks the 12″ overhangs.  But that’s not unusual for a commercial style building.  The 4′ cupola and weathervane add a nice finishing touch as well.

Project Type: Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2019

Project Size:40' x 60' x 12'
Project Square Feet:2400

Roof Color:Crimson Red
Siding Color:Ash Gray
Trim Color:Crimson Red
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