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When the Kodiax Barn & Grill contacted us about building a cool, new, trendy facility for them – we were all ears!  We had a blast laying out this unique design for them.  As the owners thoughts and needs for the business evolved and the idea began to take shape on paper; we set forth soon after to give depth, height and scale to the structure !!  With all sorts of interesting nooks and alcoves to work with, the owners moved in after we were done with our part to put the finishing touches on what looks to be an awesome place to spend an afternoon or evening.

The building is decked out in modern colors.  Check out the full glass overhead doors that open up to spill out onto the brick patio.  Symmetrically placed Eyebrows across the front gable end highlight the attention to detail in this unique building.  There’s a 6/12 pitch Attic style roof system that gives them flexibility and storage options above the main thoroughfare.  The exterior sports 24″ Overhangs all the way around as well as a partially enclosed lean to measuring 12′ x 32′ for ground level storage availability.  We finished the interior space out with black metal on the ceiling with complementing bronze on the interior walls.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by to enjoy a great atmosphere and another fantastic Fetterville accomplishment.


Project Type: Combination Building, Commercial
Year Built:2021

Project Size:48' x 72' x 12'
Project Square Feet:3840

Roof Color:Ash Gray
Siding Color:Bronze
Trim Color:Black
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