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Clarks Summit, PA

Got horses?  We have a building for you!  This 24′ x 36′ comfortably houses 3 – 12′ x 12′ horse stalls.  As you can see from the building plan layout that we designed, this customer will build and install their own tack room at a later date.  We certainly understand the word ‘budget’ and we are more than willing to work with customers to achieve their goals!  Different things are important to different people.  This customer was concerned about post rot which is understandable since the building was built for horses.  So Smart Posts were incorporated into this building’s design.  Smart Posts have a layer of bituminous coating applied and then a thick layer of polyethylene wrap to insure that no moisture or insects can get anywhere near the wood.  There are restraint notches incorporated into the design to alleviate uplift in big wind events.  They really are a ‘smart’ choice for a post.


The building has 4′ high wainscoting which is a great choice on a horse barn in case of future damaged siding by the horses.  The Split sliding track doors each have a 4′ x 4′ fixed window in them which is made with Tempered Glass.  Tempered glass is what’s in your car windows.  If broken, it won’t burst into a thousand pieces and get stuck in you or your horse’s hoofs.  😉  Smart posts, smart glass…  see the trend?  On a side note, a smart choice is to have your building site leveled out BEFORE the building is installed.  It can be done afterwards, but it’s much more difficult.



Project Type: Agricultural, Equestrian
Year Built:2022

Project Size:24' x 36' x 10'
Project Square Feet:864

Roof Color:Heron Blue
Siding Color:Heron Blue w/ Ocean Blue Wainscoting
Trim Color:Heron Blue
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