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At Fetterville; sometimes we’re on the main stage and sometimes we play a smaller role in a bigger production.  For this building we played a supporting role and we played it well.  This building has a specific purpose for the owner which is to hold 5 tanks that will start the crushing and fermentation process of grapes with the outcome of finished wine.  Hmmm, sounds good 😉  A 10′ x 10′ Steel Backed Insulated door is the main entryway for the building.  It’s insulated because the building is insulated.

R-19 Batt insulation on the sidewalls and R-30 Blown cellulose in the ceiling.  All covered with a bright white interior metal to provide a clean interior that can be washed down and rinsed when necessary.


Also behind the walls you’ll find Perma Column Post bases which are basically cement posts that are embedded into the ground with the real wood post attached directly to them above grade.  The roof system includes a scissors truss to give them a little more height in the middle of the building to accommodate their tanks.  The concrete floor is 6″ thick and slopes towards a center drain.  Outside you’ll find a 12′ x 28′ Gable End Lean to for additional under roof storage.  Whatever your needs for a structure, chances are very good that we can accommodate them!


Project# 004FEJZ23



Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial
Year Built:2023

Project Size:28' x 48' x 14'
Project Square Feet:1344

Roof Color:Ash Gray
Siding Color:White w/ 4' High Gray Wainscoting
Trim Color:Black
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