Delran, NJ

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Delran, NJ

Here’s a very distinguishing looking building that we recently constructed in South/Central Jersey.  The first thing that jumps out at ya about this one is the cozy front porch.  It comes out 10′ away from the building and is 16′ long.  It has a really clean look to it because we pulled the end of it off the corner by a couple feet which allowed us to run the gable end overhang into the side of the building as opposed to having them hang out past the edge.  😉  Clever.  The customer installed the deck below it after we were done. (And did a really nice job we might add!)  The big oversized garage door will literally allow the owner to drive a proverbial TANK inside, but we’re pretty sure they’ll keep it to just cars and trucks.

Gable overhangs really set this building apart from others.  With the ceiling height being 14′, they soften the appearance of it’s height and of course that front porch really ties it in nicely with the back yard and surrounding landscape.  Other notable features include 4′ high wainscoting around the entire perimeter, a 3′ cupola with a Bass Fish weathervane, 5k seamless, aluminum gutters complete with gutter covers to protect them in this heavily wooded area.  American pride and ingenuity are certainly on display here!

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:32 x 40 x 14
Project Square Feet:1280

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Beige with 4' of Black Wainscoting
Trim Color:Black
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