Denton, MD

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Need a biG buildinG??  We got you covered 😉  We do clear span projects up to 90′ wide (!)  With our 40+ years of experience, we know full well what it takes to get a building like this built and built WELL.  This customer needed 30′ wide openings on the sidewall, that’s a lot!  But we were able to get it done.  6-Ply posts and 19-Ply Glulam support beams carry the roof load.  If you want something done professionally and reasonably priced, then you’re at the right place.  Give us a call today and let us know what you’re looking for because there’s a real good chance we can get it done for you!


Project # 033FSTW23

Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:70' x 120' x 16'
Project Square Feet:8400

Roof Color:Tan
Siding Color:Light Stone
Trim Color:Tan
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