Dillsburg, PA

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Dillsburg, PA

Here’s a 50′ x 80′ x 16′ post frame building with ALL the bells & whistles!  A 6/12 roof pitch instantly distinguishes this one from its competitors.  Although a 4/12 pitch is our standard, we’re more than eager to accommodate to fit your style 😉  Stately 24″ overhangs run round about the whole structure, dispersing water evenly among the 4 downspouts and if it snows – no worries, the 2 staggered rows of Snow Guards stand ready to hold back the snow till the sun rises.  There’s a 24″ Eyebrow across the front gable that shields the Sandtone colored overhead doors.  All overhangs and eyebrows are neatly trimmed and enclosed using color matched vented soffit.


A 12′ wide by 14′ high overhead door permits access for bigger vehicles into the building while a pair of 8′ x 8’s allow quick and easy entry.  Take note of the interior pictures and the Hi-Lift tracks that climb the posts vertically, matching the height of the taller door, before parking along the ceiling line, high and out of harm’s way.  Smart choice!  The Solex roof barrier eliminates any chance of condensation and the House Wrap indicates that this building will soon be insulated with spray foam.  Another smart decision.  Fourteen 36″ x 54″ Double Hung windows, complete with shutters, spread light throughout the structure.  A 4″ concrete floor finishes off another fantastic Fetterville creation!


One of the many things that we are very, very proud of here at Fetterville Sales is our bracing and support features.  Be sure to zoom in on some of the roof framing photos which reveal Bottom Chord Diagonal Bracing, Top Chord Wind Bracing, Lateral Bottom Chord Runs and X-Braces to keep this building in place for the long haul.  Zoom in on the interior posts and you’ll notice 2×4 support blocks that reinforce each and every truss support.  These are applied to both sides of the posts.  And speaking of posts… Smart Posts were once again utilized on this project to ensure longevity.



Project Type: Commercial, Garage, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:50' x 80' x 16' w/ 16'x10'x8' Porch
Project Square Feet:4000

Roof Color:Burgundy
Siding Color:Light Stone w/ Burgundy Wainscoting
Trim Color:Burgundy
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