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This 3 Car Garage offers three 9′ wide by 8′ high Steel Backed, Insulated overhead doors with Glass and Door Openers!  All of our garage doors are professionally installed so you can rest assured that your doors are going to be installed properly the first time.  They’re also delivered separately by the installers so they’re not sitting around onsite waiting to be hung.


This building is a little different in that it’s 26′ deep as opposed to 24′.  (A little more room to pull in since it’s a side load entry.)  The roof pitch is a 5/12 as opposed to the standard 4/12.  And the owner opted for the Smart Post option which basically seals the post from the ground and concrete around it ensuring that they’ll never rot.  All these options don’t cost anywhere near what you might think they would.  Fetterville innovated the customization process for our industry.  We do custom better than anyone 😉  Give us a call today to discuss your personal building needs!


Project# 048FELG22

Project Type: Garage
Year Built:2024

Project Size:26' x 38' x 10'
Project Square Feet:988

Roof Color:Red
Siding Color:Beige
Trim Color:Red
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