Georgetown, DE

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Here’s a great storage building with a few nice little added features that make it really special.  The steeper roof pitch is the most obvious.  Standard roof pitches on post frame buildings are 4″ of rise per foot or a 4/12.  This one is a 6/12!  Ask us about increasing the roof pitch.  We can give you an optional price lickety split.  This building also has a 12″ overhang on the gable ends in addition to the sidewalls.  Another really nice touch without breaking the bank.  There’s 2 different types of slider doors on this one.  The one on the gable end is Split or in other words – half of the door slides to the left and the other half to the right.  The smaller slider on the sidewall is a Single or in other words – slides in one direction.


Whatever your building needs are, we can meet them!  Give us a call today and if you like this building, just reference the project number listed below.  You can view other roof options here as well:  Pole Barn Options-Fast Pole Building Construction (


Project # 036FSTW23

Project Type: Agricultural, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:24' x 36' x 10'
Project Square Feet:864

Roof Color:Chacoal
Siding Color:Rustic
Trim Color:Charcoal
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