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A popular trend here of late in the post frame building industry is to take these structures and make cabins or homes out of them.  Commonly called Shouses (a contraction for the word Shop and House), post frame structures lend themselves well to potential homeowners that want to do some of the work themselves.  Such was the case here as the homeowner contacted us to get the ‘shell’ built and then they hired local contractors to do work such as flooring, interior framing, plumbing and electrical.  It’s a good fit and a great way to get what could be deemed an overwhelming project underway and headed in the right direction.


All the work you see done in these pics was performed by Fetterville Pole Buildings.  So of course the exterior shape and structure including the doors, windows and overhead door were provided by us – including the floor system.  At the base of the structure you can see the posts have a black wrapping or boot on them.  These are called Smart Posts and were an excellent choice for this building.  A properly sized beam supports a full second floor area and access is granted via a straight set stairs climbing the exterior wall.  6′ Fiberglass entry doors will lead out nicely onto future built decks.  A little pre-designing can give you numerous options heading into the future!  Clear span roof systems give you the ultimate flexibility in laying out your future interior partition walls as well.

Project Type: Cabin, Hobby Style
Year Built:2022

Project Size:24' x 36' x 20'
Project Square Feet:1728 (2 Floors)

Roof Color:Slate
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Brite White
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