Goshen, NY

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Goshen, NY

Pavilions are basically post frame buildings without sides.  Here’s a real nice looking pavilion built in a park like setting.  This one will always be a pavilion (in other words it will never be enclosed).  With that in mind, we built it to last.  The posts are a notch above standard in that we used 4-Ply 2×6 Glulam posts as opposed to 3-Ply.  Since they’ll be exposed to weather, they are completely pressure treated from top to bottom.  Standard posts in an enclosed building are pressure treated for the bottom 6′.

One of the most important aspects to designing and building a great pavilion is insuring that it stands the test of time.  The biggest obstacle that any pavilion will have to endure is wind.  And to combat high winds you have to have a foolproof plan.  We install Diagonal Wind Bracing to the underside of the top chord of the trusses in every building (enclosed or open) along with lateral bracing along the bottom chords.  To exceed the wind speeds that are the building code in this area though, we added 3 additional sets of Diagonal Bracing to the topside of the bottom chord of the roof trusses to maintain the shape, form and integrity of the roof.  Mother Nature can blow all she wants against this structure…. but it’s not going anywhere 😉

Project Type: Commercial, Hobby Style
Year Built:2022

Project Size:40' x 56' x 12' Pavilion
Project Square Feet:2240

Roof Color:Brown
Siding Color:Brown
Trim Color:Brown
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