Greensburg, PA

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30′ wide pole buildings are a norm in the post frame industry.  Anything in an 8′ increment is a good value for you the customer.  Trusses are typically 4′ apart when using metal roofing.  Posts are 8′ apart.  So a 32′ long building is a good value.  So is 40′ and 48′.


Pay particular attention to the site preparation that this customer performed BEFORE we delivered and erected the building.  All of our agreements and literature specify that we need at least 3′ around the perimeter of the building.  This serves several purposes.  For one it allows our installation crews a safe and stable environment with which to work from.  Secondly, it allows for proper drainage of the building and lastly, it just looks nicer.  If you’re looking for more information on how to properly prepare your site for a building you can click here Pole Barn Construction Details & Standard Features- Pole Barn Specs (


Project# 058FWMR22

Project Type: Garage
Year Built:2023

Project Size:30' x 32' x 10'
Project Square Feet:960

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Slate
Trim Color:Black
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