Greenwood, DE

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With all the fancy-schmancy projects we construct nowadays, we still LOVE to build the simple, straight-forward farm implement style buildings.  We’re a workhorse company therefore we respect a workhorse building!  Just because a building doesn’t have all the so-called ‘bells and whistles’ doesn’t mean it’s any less appealing to the eye.  This pair of buildings stand out in their simplicity.  Flush eaves were all that were required for this customer.  No need for overhangs or gutters and we accommodated.  A stunning color combination, square corners and tight lines scream quality construct from top to bottom.  Need a new building?  or two?  Give us a call and let us go to work for you!


Project# 035FSTW22 and 036FSTW22

Project Type: Agricultural, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:30x52x12 & 40x68x14
Project Square Feet:1560 + 2720

Roof Color:Ocean Blue
Siding Color:Beige
Trim Color:Beige
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