Greenwood, DE

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This 50′ foot wide by 100′ long building provides 5000 square feet of cool and dry storage.  Worried about wind and hurricanes and tornadoes?  You don’t need to be with our buildings.  We provide and install more roof bracing than anyone out there.  Diagonal wind bracing goes into every building, but when they start getting big like this one, we stop and figure out exactly how to brace our roof to withstand whatever may ‘blow’ by it.  All of our roof trusses are engineered for wind speeds pertinent to the area that they’re specifically being built in.  We extend our gable end posts all the way to the top chord of the truss on the interior.  And these 50′ wide buildings get X-bracing and Y-bracing.  They’re not going anywhere – and neither should you!   Keep clicking around our website to see more fine buildings such as this and then pick up the phone and give us a call.  You won’t hear automated prompts calling Fetterville.  We have real, live sales people here who are eager to hear what you have in mind.  And with our proprietary quoting software, we can get you a number lickety-split.


But back to this jaw-dropper.  Six 10′ x 10′ steel backed insulated garage doors provide the access.  All of our garage doors are professionally installed so these doors actually have Hi-Lift tracks installed so that when the door’s open, its up closer to the ceiling.  Very cool and not a big cost increase either.  We installed 6″ seamless gutters and 6 downspouts to channel the water away from the building.  It’s not shown in the pics, but there’s an interior dividing wall with metal on 1 side also.  Whatever your building needs are, chances are very good that we can meet them.  😉


Project# 033FSTW22

Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Garage
Year Built:2023

Project Size:50' x 100' x 14'
Project Square Feet:5000

Roof Color:Bright White
Siding Color:Ocean Blue
Trim Color:Bright White
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