Hampton, NJ

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Here’s a very unique collaborative project that we took on that turned out fantastic!  This is a Gambrell Attic style building.  The roof shape is termed Gambrell or some people call it ‘Barn’ style.  And then of course there’s an attic room inside of the Gambrell shape. The customer had the hill excavated and contracted with a local mason to install the stepped block wall.  We in turn attached our posts to the top of the block wall via heavy duty steel brackets and lag screws.  A pair of 10′ x 10′ Insulated steel backed overhead doors allow entrance.  Smartly placed windows provide natural light into the main body of the building as well as into the attic room.  We finished this one off with a firm and sound 6″ thick concrete floor.


Project# 055FELG22

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2023

Project Size:30' x 44' x 12;
Project Square Feet:1320

Roof Color:Tan
Siding Color:Beige
Trim Color:White
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