Hebron, MD

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This 30′ x 40′ building has a 16′ ceiling height to accommodate a 14′ high overhead door.  You need at least a foot more than the height of your door to make it work properly with the overhead door tracks, but in post frame construction 2′ increments are the norm.  We offer concrete floors in most areas, this one included.  We poured a 4″ floor utilizing 4000 psi concrete.  We also poured the apron out front which the owner will eventually marry a blacktop driveway into.


Project# 030FSTW23

Project Type: Garage, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:30' x 40' x 16'
Project Square Feet:1200

Roof Color:Rustic
Siding Color:Brown
Trim Color:Rustic
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