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Hummelstown, PA

Becoming more and more popular with each passing year are the Combination Work Slash Home buildings.  Here’s another beauty being born.  The majority of the building is dedicated to work space, but the home side is rapidly taking shape.  With it’s flexible indoor/outdoor space, there’s plenty of room for everyone.  The building’s ceiling height is 16′.  To accommodate a second floor loft area on the right (home) side of the building though, we utilized a scissor truss.  So instead of the bottom chord traveling flat and straight across the ceiling line, it vaults up at a lesser pitch and creates more headroom.  How much?  It varies with the span and design of the truss, but in this case it will give the upstairs an open feel.  We increased the outside pitch to a 6/12 to give the truss engineers more flexibility on the interior bottom chord.

When tasked with various functions of a biG building project such as this; we work with many trusted individuals and companies to get the job(s) done.  For instance, we thoroughly insulated the walls and ceilings.  R21 batts in the sidewalls and R-38 blown cellulose insulation in the ceiling.  In the garage side (50′ x 50′) we lined the interior walls and ceiling with a similar White, steel liner panel as we installed on the outside.  We poured a 4″ concrete floor throughout as well as under the two Lean To roofs and even prepped and poured the aprons outside of all the doors.  We installed seamless, black, 5k gutters and downspouts and while we were at it we wrapped the normally exposed fully treated porch posts with black trim.  All the Lean To’s have white metal underneath so there is no exposed lumber.  What a perfect touch 😉



Project Type: Cabin, Commercial, Hobby Style, Shop - House, Work Shop
Year Built:2021

Project Size:50 x 70 x 16 w/ 10' Wrap Around Porch
Project Square Feet:3500

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:White
Trim Color:Black
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