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This building looks so much bigger than it really is.  24′ Deep and 30′ across the front provide 720 sq/ft of well proportioned space though.  The colors are spectacularly contemporary and very cool.  The Light Stone siding has been a favorite around here for years, but the Black roof and trim are really what set it apart!


At Fetterville, we’re always aware of what our customers are asking for.  This customer had a number for what they could spend and we appreciate knowing that.  Together we worked out a very specific package to get the customer everything they wanted and all of what they needed.  Take note that there’s only an Overhang on the Front eave of the building.  Yes it would’ve been nice to put it on both sides, but certainly not necessary and most companies wouldn’t even entertain doing one side and not the other.  But after 43 years of working for the public, we’ve learned a thing or two 😉  And we learned a long time ago to meet the need’s of our customer and their budget.  Under the roof steel is a 1/4″ Underlayment that will eliminate condensation.  A very important feature.  A 6″ concrete floor rounds out this beauty.  Give us a call today and let us know what we can build for you!!

Project# 057FEJZ22

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2023

Project Size:24' x 30' x 12'
Project Square Feet:720

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Light Stone
Trim Color:Black
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