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Marion Station, MD

This 30′ wide by 56′ long pole building is one good lookin’ work horse.  The Red walls with Bronze roofing and trim are instantly appealing to the eye.  This building has what we call “Flush Eaves” or no overhangs.  People sometimes select this option primarily to save money, but also just because the building is tucked away somewhere on the property and doesn’t require a lot window dressing.  You may ask “Can I still put rain gutters on a flush eave building?”  If you bought your building from a lot of other suppliers you probably wouldn’t be able to.  But at Fetterville we’ve always got our eye on the future.  So even with a flush eave building, we still put 2×6 solid blocking down at the eaves in between the trusses just in case you decide to put rain gutters on it down the road.  If you deal with a quality company such as ours, you’ll get just that – Quality every time.


The garage doors on this one are 10′ wide and 12′ tall.  The ceiling height is 14′



Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:30' x 56' x 14'
Project Square Feet:1680

Roof Color:Bronze
Siding Color:Red
Trim Color:Bronze
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