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Mechanicsville, MD

F-L-E-X-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y is a valuable feature that you get when you work with Fetterville Pole Buildings on your dream building.  This customer wanted some attic space above for storage, but he didn’t necessarily need or even want the whole roof to be attic space.  So we cut it in half for him!  The back 20′ of this building has the loft area that the customer needed; complete with a 42″ wide stair set to access it and a super strong 3/4″ sub-floor to work from.  The front half is simply a common truss built to to match the 8/12 pitch of the attic.  From the outside it’s all one continuous roof line, but the inside provides the space and cost to meet our client’s need.

This particular customer also decided to have us just supply the openings for his garage doors.  Most of the time we provide and install the overhead doors, but once in a while a client will want to take care of them on their own such as was the case with this one.  He did his own concrete work as well.  Everything else you see in the photos was supplied and installed by us including the downspouts and gutters.  Another beautiful building and another happy customer!

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:30' x 40' x 14'
Project Square Feet:1200

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Slate
Trim Color:Black & White
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