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Commercial jobs such as this one are a staple here at Fetteville Pole Buildings.  Roughly 1/4 of our work is light commercial.  We’re a small business and therefore we love to work with other small business owners to help them grow and improve as well.  This 36′ by 55′ x 20′ was built with the future in mind… the future being a second floor loft space!  But let’s start at the beginning.  We installed a Brite White Metal Ceiling and then blew 10″ of Cellulose insulation in on top of it giving the owner an insulation value of R-30.  Then we insulated the walls with R-19 Fiberglass insulation and covered it with the same Brite White steel siding that we used on the ceiling only with one little twist ….  we installed a 2 x 12 Rim Board around the entire interior perimeter so that floor joists can be installed at a later date and thus providing 2nd floor office space.  The R-19 insulated walls and R-30 insulated ceiling will hold heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.


Due to the 20′ ceiling height of this particular building, we employed the use of a 4-Ply 2×6 glulam post as opposed to our standard 3-Ply 2×6 glulam post.  You can’t see it, but the owner opted for Smart Posts as well to insure the longevity of the structure.  A 4′ high wainscoting was chosen as well which is smart because if anyone bangs into the building from the outside and damages the metal, they’ll only have to replace the lower portion since that’s where 90% of all damaged exteriors occur.  😉  Since this is a commercial building, we supplied and installed commercial grade entry doors complete with panic hardware, closers and lever set handles which all meet or exceed ADA requirements.  If you’re considering expanding your business and a pole building is part of that expansion – we’d love to be involved!  Give us a call today to discuss your building needs.

Project Type: Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2019

Project Size:36' x 55' x 20'
Project Square Feet:1980

Roof Color:Caribbean Blue
Siding Color:Ivory
Trim Color:Caribbean Blue
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