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New Alexandria, PA

Here’s a real head turner ….  and it’s BIG!  48′ deep!  Wow.  The front porch makes for a super nice, tranquil spot to overlook the gorgeous property.  Take note of the excellent site preparation done to prepare for this building.  Fill dirt was brought in, rolled and compacted to bring the site up to a level grade.  Then a stone base was laid down and made 3′ to 4′ bigger than the building on all sides.  We provided and installed 5k Aluminum Seamless gutters and downspouts to channel the water properly away from the building.  Due to it’s western Pennsylvania location and subsequent heavy snowfalls, this customer opted for 2 rows of Snow Guards on both eaves to hold the snow on the roof till it has time to melt and protecting his gutters from damage at the same time.  Smart 😉

The 4′ High Wainscoting adds a really nice touch to the color combination and pulls everything together for a spectacular finish product.  The Overhead doors are 16′ wide and 8′ high allowing vehicle entry at least 4 wide and most likely 2 deep.  What a beauty!  Give our sales department a call today to discuss your backyard oasis!

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2022

Project Size:48' x 60' x 12' w/ 10' x 20' Lean To
Project Square Feet:2880

Roof Color:Charcoal
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Charcoal
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