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Here’s another instant classic, residential post frame garage!  It looks bigger than what it actually is, but at 20′ wide across the gable end and 32′ deep there’s plenty of room for what this customer was needing.  Classic Black and White colored roofing and siding lends itself well to the future stone wainscoting that the customer is going to install.  That’ll make the gable end of this garage the true focal point.  This building has an elevated roof pitch of 6/12 verses our standard 4/12 design giving it a little more prominence on the property.  This customer did a nice job of grading the site before we got there which makes everything flow so much smoother during the construction process.  A building like this can typically be built in only a few days, but the key to making that time frame work is a good site to work on.  😉


This building has 1/4″ Solex insulation wrap on the roof and sides which is what you’re seeing in between the sidewall girts and roof purlins – the white material.  This brightens the interior and knocks the chill off in the winter time.  At Fetterville we offer numerous insulation options including various R-Values of both Fiberglass and Blown In types.  Be sure to ask your sales rep for optional pricing to provide these materials for you.  Chances are pretty good that we can do the work while we’re there at a much lower cost as opposed to hiring someone else later on.  One last feature to point out is the Overhang Detail.  With a 4 sided overhang, we frame the corners out where the overhangs intersect with what’s commonly called a Bird Box.  This is just another standard feature that makes Fetterville Pole Buildings stand out over and above our competitors.

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:20' x 32' x 9'
Project Square Feet:640

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Black
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