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Perkasie, PA

A true workhorse of a building inside and out!  Pretty much every inch of the ‘inside’ of this building is insulated and covered with maintenance free white metal.  R-19 was chosen for the sidewalls and R-30 for the ceilings.  After the insulation was placed, the kraft facing was covered with Brite White Metal and it wasn’t contained to just the first floor either… the interior of the attic room and dormers was covered as well (!)  While we’re speaking of interiors…. one question we’re often asked is in regards to wiring for lights, switches and receptacles.  When you leaf through the pics, be sure to take note of the conduit attached to the interior walls which contain the electrical wiring needed to supply the power to the aforementioned items.  This is the standard operating procedure for supplying power inside of post frame buildings.

The grading on this one really needed to be extended a little further than what the customer provided for us even though we made it work.  When having your site prepared for a building, always keep in mind that it’s cheaper to do it up front and in the beginning as opposed to after the erection of your barn.  As you can see, the right side gable should have been extended out at least another 2′ and preferably 3′ to 4′ more feet to the right.  The same can be said about the rear eave.  There’s a garage door back there that really highlights how much more dirt and gravel need to be brought in to make the door accessible.

Twin Window units on each of the attic gable ends really allow the space to open up and fill with light.  Add the three 4′ dormers to the mix and each of their windows team up to make the upstairs a very bright and inviting atmosphere.  A Fetterville supplied concrete floor and Fetterville supplied accent stone wainscoting on the front eave round out this classic contemporary garage 😉


Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:30' x 40' x 12'
Project Square Feet:1200

Roof Color:Ash Gray
Siding Color:Slate w/ Ash Gray Wainscoating
Trim Color:White
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