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Pottstown, PA

Ocean Blue Roofing & Trim combined with Bright White steel siding, doors and windows is crisp, clean and cool looking!  This 28′ x 52′ pole building is gorgeous inside AND out.  Let’s take a quick tour of the features.  A 10/12 pitched roof allows for a nice sized 13′ wide attic room.  Three evenly spaced 9′ wide by 8′ high insulated, steel overhead doors provide symmetry and style.  The showpiece Loft door in the gable end is a sweet touch!  If there’s anything that ever needs to be placed in that upper room that can’t go up the stairs, this doorway will make it happen.  And it’s really cool looking! 🙂


Inside you’ll discover a 42″ wide stairway with a landing, complete with railing that guides you to that upstairs bonus room.  This building has 1/4″ Solex insulation under the roof metal, R19 Fiberglass batts in the walls and R-30 Blown insulation in the ceiling!  There’s a white metal ceiling installed and the interior walls are prepped and ready for the owner’s final finish.  Take note of the ceiling picture.  We install an access door in every building with a ceiling.  A 4″ concrete floor and 5k Seamless gutters round out this spectacular building!  And kudos to the client for an excellently prepared jobsite!



Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2022

Project Size:28' x 52' x 10'
Project Square Feet:1456

Roof Color:Ocean Blue
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Ocean Blue
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