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Purcellville, VA

If you’re looking for U-N-I-Q-U-E you found it.  The main area of this “make all your friends jealous” hobby shop slash garage is 32′ wide and 36′ long.  It’s amazing what you can create when you literally start punching through roof planes and start shoving existing lines around.  With 12′ of ceiling height, there was plenty of headroom on the first floor, but what if….. what if we angle up a large portion of the front part of the roof, throw a wall under it, stick some windows in there and while we’re at it ….. instead of a traditional 4/12 pitch roof – let’s double the pitch to 8 and oh – here’s a thought – let’s scissor the bottom chord to create some more headroom and get a biG ol’ second floor loft out of this newly created space!  Yeah, let’s do that 😉

That’s kind of how it goes sometimes folks.  We love to hear our customer’s ideas, estimate the costs, encourage the designers to draw it up; all to ultimately take an image from the mind to the drawing board and turn it into reality!  So the front roof area described above is commonly called a Shed Roof Dormer.  You typically see these on the back side of a cape cod style home, but in this case we put it on display out front and talk about shedding light on a project…..  what those windows do for the upstairs interior loft area is priceless.  They proudly stand guard over a pair of 12′ wide by 9′ high insulated steel garage doors.  The 8′ wide lean to porch off the back side provides sweeping views of the rolling Virginia countryside.  10 precisely placed Double Hung windows, 2 entry doors and a 36″ Cupola with weathervane round out this very, very special garage.

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Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2019

Project Size:32' x 36' x 12' with 8' x 36' Lean To
Project Square Feet:1152

Roof Color:Black
Siding Color:Bright White
Trim Color:Bright White
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