Salisbury, MD

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This 50′ x 100′ pole building is ready to roll !  It has 6 – 10′ wide by 12′ high garage doors.  The mitered angles on the garage doors are call Dutch Corners.  They can add that little something extra to your building to give it a distinguishing look.  The wainscoting is a smart idea on a building of this size.  If a building is 14′ or 16′ high then a 4′ high wainscoting panel is aesthetically appealing.  Typically ceiling heights less than that call for 3′ high.  But we can do whatever you prefer 😉


Our buildings are built to last.  The eastern shore of Maryland and Delaware can get some gusty wind storms, but there is nothing to worry about with a Fetterville Pole Building.  We extend the posts on the gable ends all the way up to the top chord of the truss, we get the trusses engineered to meet the local snow and wind loads and we use 1 solid sheet of painted steel on the gable ends.  (Most all other companies seam their metal at the truss.)  You put all these together to get a winning combination and one that’ll withstand the ages.


Project# 031FSTW22

Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:50' x 100' x 14'
Project Square Feet:5000

Roof Color:Slate
Siding Color:Brite White w/ Slate Wainscoting
Trim Color:White
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