Salisbury, MD

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5000 sq/ft of light commercial storage space was the goal here.  To keep some of these bigger buildings from looking ‘too’ commercial, consider some of the options that were chosen on this one.  12″ overhangs run along all four sides of the roof.  These are essential to helping a bigger building feel a little less rigid.  Our standard roof pitch is a 4/12 – if this had been a steel framed building, the pitch would have been considerably less, like a 1/12.  Overhangs are very UN-common on steel framed structures as well.  But back to our gem 😉  Four 12′ wide x 14′ high steel garage doors provide easy access and be sure to check out the 16′ high Split Sliding Door that’s showcased on the gable end.  This customer chose to do the door in Ivy to really make it stand out.  But the real icing on the cake to adding a door of this size on a gable end is that it enabled you to pull anything in there that’s equal to the full ceiling height of the building.  Given this building is on the eastern shore of Maryland… I’m wondering if there’s a boat that’s going to be making it’s home here over the winter months.  Pick up the phone and call Troy in Seaford DE if you’re wanting to build on the eastern shore of MD, DE or VA !


Project# 004FSTW23

Project Type: Commercial, Work Shop
Year Built:2023

Project Size:50' x 100' x 16
Project Square Feet:5000

Roof Color:Ivy
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Ivy
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