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Here’s a simple and clean looking back yard storage building.  Its Split Sliding Track Door allows access to the entire width and length of the building by strategically being placed in the center of the sidewall.  Split sliding doors allow you to open either the left side or the right side of the door if you only need access to half of the openings width.  And of course, both sides can be opened simultaneously for full access when needed.


To minimize costs, this customer chose not to put a 12″ overhang on the eave walls, but notice that he could still have gutters installed to drain the water away from his building.  At Fetterville Pole Buildings, we install 2 x 6 blocking between the trusses on the eave walls to allow gutters to be installed either by us or in the future.  A very nice feature indeed!  A simple 2′ cupola caps off this backyard work horse.  We’re looking forward to providing and installing building #2 for this customer in 2022!

Project Type: Garage, Work Shop
Year Built:2015

Project Size:30 x 32 10
Project Square Feet:960

Roof Color:Evergreen
Siding Color:Brick Red
Trim Color:Brite White
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