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If you’re looking for the so-called “Barn Style” building then you found it.  Barn style is typically used in reference to a barn shaped roof which typically contains a bonus room of sorts.  Let’s unpack all that it means here.  A barn style roof is technically called a Gambrel.  It has a steep pitch to start and then a lesser pitch at the top.  Room sizes are generally anywhere from 10′ wide to 14′ wide.  The nice feature to a barn style roof is that the room height is the same throughout whereas with an attic truss the knee walls are somewhat lower and you can only walk upright in it through the middle portion of the room.  If you look through the pictures shown here you’ll see what we mean.  Gambrel shaped roofs cost more than attics because of the additional flashing needed to seal the roof along with more roofing material and increased truss costs.  But the room size and full headroom that you get offsets the additional cost.


To access the room above we installed a standard 42″ wide stairway with a landing.  Most customers choose to put their stairway in a corner, but as you can see from these pics, this customer wanted there’s more towards the middle.  Whatever you prefer is the way we can do it.  Our stairways come standard with the railings shown and are more than adequate to get you safely up and down the stairs.


Project # 013FEIS22

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:24' x 40' x 10' Gambrel Attic
Project Square Feet:960

Roof Color:Charcoal
Siding Color:Brite White
Trim Color:Brite White
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