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This 36′ x 56′ x 12′ is a bit of an oddity for us in that we built the building, but we didn’t provide or install any of the metal roofing and siding.  We don’t do this very often and you’ll have to convince us that you know what you’re doing which this customer did (!)  These farm style buildings are built as economically as possible so you rarely see overhangs or gutter systems on them.  In this case though, the customer knew of the importance of using our Smart post system.  He also utilized our Solex vapor barrier for under his roof metal to eliminate any chance of condensation.


We built and installed a 24′ wide split sliding door in the 56′ eave wall of the building.  That’s a big opening!  Given the snow load for the local area; we wanted to make sure we had an adequate header and footer for the opening.  In the picture set below you can see the schematic that we provided the code official with to let them know how we were going to handle an opening of that size.


Project# 057FELG22

Project Type: Agricultural, Commercial
Year Built:2022

Project Size:36' x 56' x 12'
Project Square Feet:2016

Roof Color:Plain Galvanized
Siding Color:Plain Galvanized
Trim Color:Plain Galvanized
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