Stanfordville, NY

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Here’s a ‘throwback’ of sorts!  Plain Galvanized roof steel with Pine Board & Batten Wood Siding…. we love it!  A CLASSIC looking building from a CLASSIC Company 😉   Zoom in on the overhangs and you’ll see that those aren’t your standard, modern day 18″ overhangs – they’re old school – square cut with classic round galvanized downspouts.  A lot of companies only build what they want to build.  We want to build what YOU want to build.  Give us a call today to discuss your ideas!


Project# 045FEBS23

Project Type: Agricultural, Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2024

Project Size:30' x 40' x 14'
Project Square Feet:1200

Roof Color:Plain Galvanized
Siding Color:Pine Board & Batten
Trim Color:Pine Boards
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