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Washington Boro, PA

Nestled in snugly on the Lancaster County side of the Susquehanna River is where you’ll find this little gem.  It may appear as just a simple 2 car garage, but this one is built for a whole lot more.  Behind the classic color combination of its exterior you’ll find a fully insulated interior complete with white liner panel.  We insulated the sidewalls with R-19 batt insulation and then installed R-30 Blown in over top of the ceiling.  Somebody’s planning on spending a little time in there….   As with all our finished interiors, we provide and install a hinged door to the space above for access when needed.


The building has two oversized doors (10′ wide x 8′ high) complete with garage door openers.  All of our overhead doors are professionally installed by workers that only install garage doors.  So you know they’re done right!  We offer a full line of garage door openers as well and they’re installed by the same installation pro’s.  Continuing along the perimeter of this building, you’ll find a thorough and complete system set up to properly dispense and displace the winter snow.  Twin rows of Snow Guards on both eaves stand ready to protect the 5 inch seamless gutters attached to the fascia.  A 4″ concrete floor caps off another show stopper.


Project# 040FEJZ22

Project Type: Garage, Hobby Style
Year Built:2022

Project Size:30' x 32' x 10'
Project Square Feet:960

Roof Color:Red
Siding Color:Slate
Trim Color:Red
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