Wrightsville, PA

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Wrightsville, PA

Being a Lancaster County business with a Regional reach to most all of the surrounding states, we love opportunities to build locally.  Wrightsville is merely across the Susquehanna River and over the years we’ve built numerous buildings along it’s scenic roadways.  We’re proud to add this one to the collection.  The garage doors are both 10′ high.  One is 10′ wide and the other is 16′.  Windows in the doors illuminate the front part of the building while a pair of 36″ x 44″ single hung windows light up the back.


This building has 1/4″ Solex installed under the roof metal to eliminate any chance of condensation.  5″ seamless rain gutters and 2″ x 3″ downspouts carry rain water safely away from the foundation.


Project # 035FEJZ22

Project Type: Garage, Work Shop
Year Built:2022

Project Size:30' x 40' x 12'
Project Square Feet:1200

Roof Color:Charcoal
Siding Color:Ash Gray
Trim Color:White
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